"Context" Director's Cut

And the new cuts of Broad Strokes continue! "Context," much like "Nomenclature," is simple in concept, and comes in at 0:35. My version does not depart radically from the original version: in part, because as director, I chose to shoot the piece from particular angles and did not shoot extra coverage for later options in post. While this might sound risky, I think I made the right choice - cutting into close ups or other angles would have weighed down an extremely simple set up, or even slowed down the timing.  Ultimately the alternate choices I made were in performance and pacing, which delivered a slightly different mood for the piece. SapnaAnisa and Leslie all delivered variations on their lines, and also improvised from take to take, giving me a lot to choose from.

Without further commentary, presenting "Context!"

You can see the original cut, along with the rest of the Broad Strokes series, here.