"There's More To Life Than Work!"

Everyone has one of those projects you just can’t give up on. Dominion Street is one of those for me, and I’ve been working on it with my writing partner Sara Eliot on and off over the past six years. First we conceived a 30 minute comedy, then we decided to write and produce a short web series “sizzle” episode, which was well-received, and then we re-vamped the concept and wrote a one-hour pilot in 2016 (and was a Quarter Finalist in Screencraft’s pilot launch competition). Since then we revised it, and decided to send it out, and lo and behold, it is a finalist at the La Femme International Film Festival, which takes place in Beverly Hills, CA, Oct 11-14, 2018.

“There’s More to Life Than Work” is about a dominatrix who is at a crossroads professionally and personally, trying to balance the demands of her work with the needs of her dysfunctional family, while also maintaining her sense of self in a world full of double standards.