Director's Cuts

A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of working with Anisa Alamia and Sapna Gandhi, two amazing and talented writer/performers, who had conceived an ambitious and hilarious project: to write and perform in 40 comedic microshorts, broken up by theme into 5 series, and each series was to be directed by a different female director. I was one of those 5. The project (Broad Strokes) turned out great (and you can see it on funnyordie), and was edited by a single female editor. 

Anisa and Sapna, in addition to being talented, are also extremely gracious, and have given me permission to post my 8 shorts here, re-edited as "director's cuts" independent of the overall aesthetic of the Broad Strokes series. As I have edited these shorts myself (and made choices that have lengthened some of them from their original 30-60 second limits), I've also learned to respect editors all the more! I've found it very interesting and enlightening to get back into the footage, and see the way the same script, performances, and shots can be re-envisioned to tell a story in a different way. Similar to their original release, I'll be posting them once a week, one at a time, in the near future. 

I hope to work with Anisa and Sapna again, and you should follow them both to see what else they are working on!