"No Escape" - my version

As I've mentioned before, the writers and producers behind the series Broad Strokes, Anisa and Sapna, have graciously allowed me to recut the 8 shorts I directed in their series - and I am happy to post the first of them here:

"No Escape," the director's cut. 

I'm not attempting to create a "better/worse" comparison here, but had fun making choices in storytelling that were independent of the overall aesthetic of the larger series. This particular short is an excellent example of the kind of difference I mean. Anisa and Sapna chose to present the piece almost as a form of parody, sending up vanity with a mock-horror trope. My version is more playful, asking the audience to identify with our hapless heroines and be delighted with them.

You can see the original here. Enjoy them both.