"Manifestation" - my version

I've been busy with festival season, but I'm back to one of my favorite fun projects - recutting the micro-shorts that I did with Broad Strokes a couple of years ago. This one exhibits the largest departure from the featured cut in the series. Anisa and Sapna wanted each episode to be about a minute long, and editing the footage down to that had to have been quite a challenge. In revisiting the material, I found that a slightly longer cut allowed me more freedom with the style I wanted. Including credits, their version came in at 0:49; mine is 1:30.

With no further ado, allow me to present: "Manifestation," the director's cut.

The whole series, Broad Strokes, is on youtube and funnyordie.com, and you should check it out. You can see the original version of "Manifestation" here.