"Nomenclature" - my version

Summer is well along, and hurricane season as well. I've wrapped the show I was working on January through June, then took a break! There was no writing, directing, or editing while I was in Puerto Rico, but I'm back at it now! In addition to this microshort, I've got more news coming later this week, so stay tuned.

The latest of my re-edits of Broad Strokes is number 17 - "Nomenclature." One of the shortest, it clocks in at about 45 seconds. My cut is not radically different from the one released in the series: but I did go for a change in tone. As part of the larger series, "Nomenclature" was presented as a horror parody; my version is more comically creepy. I also had the luxury of time on my side - the performance I preferred was marred by a fallen microphone in production, a problem the original editor didn't have the time to address. They used a different take, and timed out the cuts later in the scene. You can see the original here.

Again, I must thank Sapna and Anisa for their patience and graciousness in allowing me to work on these "director's cuts!" It's been great fun, and I learn a lot every time.

Enjoy "Nomenclature," the director's cut!